About Susanne Koetter Interiors

Design runs in the Koetter family. 

I have grown up with and always had a passion for space and design, which led me to study fashion, jewellery and interior design after school.

Since then I have had many years experience in the cross generation family business - Uwe Koetter Jewellers, which was established in 1968.

I am now tapping into my different creative potentials with my 6th sense for spacial conception, my ability to understand plans and internalise them and my love for filling spaces creatively. I am more then just passionate about my work as it feeds my soul and I am always excited for a new challenge of finding the perfect pattern/colour/style to complete an empty space or design.

I not only feel strongly about providing premium designs but excellent personalised service too, with attention to all the small details to make our collaboration a successful and enjoyable one.

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